Saturday, October 15, 2011

Okay for real, the journey is about to begin.

As I begin the adventure of moving to NYC I also begin a larger and much more important journey, Blogging.  To be honest, I don't know how much I will actually be blogging in the future but I plan on trying to quite often, which is why it is so much more of an adventure..  I feel as though it may be one of the few things keeping me sane in my adventure to world of rejection and trial by error that is professional theatre.  On that note maybe i'll update 5 times a day and drive everyone crazy, especially my grandmother who's eyes will be strained by my unnecessary rambling.

Alright, so today is the beginning of Saturday, October 15.  That means I have 2 days to finish up everything I need to do prior to my move, which is an outrageous amount.  I did make some progress these past days in that I basically went through all of my old paperwork from college and separated what was trash and what I may need or use in NY.  This was quite a fun and interesting time due to all of the old acting paperwork I found.  Some of the stuff I found was quite encouraging because it showed me how much I actually grew as an actor in the four years I was at TU.  What wasn't encouraging was one of the monologues I found that I once used as a freshman in a Acting Class.  The monologue itself is great, however it is a monologue by an eighty year old black man in the show.  I am nowhere near 80 nor am I close to being black.  That was a complete failure at the time but a definite good laugh upon discovery of it the other day.

I have finished packing pretty much everything but still have a few things to do in order to be completely ready.  It's an odd feeling to be packing everything without the ability to just drive a few minutes home to grab something if I forgot it.  That is becoming something I'm not enjoying.  I have seen a lot of my friends this week and it has been fantastic to be able to see so many of them before I leave, but it has also been pretty sad.  I have made some pretty awesome friends in my time at TU and while living in Tulsa, it's gonna be hard to leave such incredible people to move to a place where I know about 5 people.

That's all for now, I'll update again once I have arrived and settled down in NYC.  Good Bye.

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