Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Apartment!!

As of yesterday morning, the apartment my roommates and I have been in contact with the broker about became ours!  We actually have an apartment in New York City!!  Well technically we are living in Brooklyn but it qualifies.  We were incredibly lucky to get the place we got, it is just about perfect.  One of my roommates is already up in Brooklyn staying with a few of her friends so she was able to look at the apartment and handle in-person business with the Broker, which was extremely nice and helpful.

It is in an excellent location in Brooklyn, just a block from the park as well as the subway station with lines running directly into Manhattan, which means no transfers!!  It is a very large 3 bedroom apartment (large by NY standards) and was recently renovated and completed about 3 days ago so it should be just like new.  I am flying up on Monday with just my suitcases containing as much clothing as I can pack as well as all of my audition materials, music, and necessary miscellaneous items that I will need.  Some time later, when my parents are able to drive up, they will bring a U-Haul truck containing my and one of my roommates furniture as well as everything else I will need that I couldn't take with me on the plane.  So unfortunately I will be sleeping on my camping mattress for a week or 2, which really isn't a big deal to me seeing that I will be living in NYC.

With all that being said, say hello to my new home, Brooklyn, NY!


I am more than excited to move in and explore the neighborhood that I will be living in for the next year.  I also am extremely excited to meet up with one of my fellow TU Musical Theatre Graduates who is already living up there.  Hopefully she will be willing to be my guide for a short time until I get the hang of things, especially the auditioning process.  I also plan on spending a good amount of time discussing everything that has happened with her over some good quality brews.

All in all, everything is working out extremely well and looks to be not only an exciting adventure but a very productive and well executed move.  Lets hope for the best.  More to come soon.

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  1. Congrats Man! I'll come see you one of these days. Be prepared to be unemployed for a little while though. I've been in Cali for over a month and still no work. Recent college grads and seniors are the two demographics least likely to be employed right now. Keep your head up though. Wish you the best.