Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I've made it to NYC and good things are happening FAST!!

Well it's official, my trip to NY was successful!  I am now currently a resident of Brooklyn, NY.  My flight up went extremely smooth with no hitches or problems!  Here is a brief description of my first few days in the city, some extremely exciting happenings!

Day 1. After arriving, my roommate and I took a cab from the airport to our apartment in Brooklyn, the weather was amazing and everything was so beautiful!  My neighborhood is great and about a 2 min walk from the largest park in Brooklyn.  Upon arriving at our apartment we moved all of our luggage in and met our third roommate, who is awesome!  After dropping our stuff off we left the apartment and went for a walk around our neighborhood to scope everything out.  Everything we need is so close, with the subway station a block away, a grocery story and pharmacy a block away as well and plenty of restaurants nearby it is in the perfect location.  After that we took a visit to the park where I took this picture of the lake within its borders.  We then ate some pizza, stopped by the Pharmacy for a few things and that was it for the night, not the most exciting of nights but a wonderful first night as a New Yorker.

Day 2. What easily has been the best and most exciting day so far.  As my first full day in New York, I was already extremely excited and ready to get out and do stuff.  The day began with our Broker stopping by to finish all of the paperwork.  Once that was finished one of my roommates and I got ready to head out to get some things done.  We had literally been out the door for 2 seconds and I had reached to lock the door when I received a call from an unknown number.  I had no idea who it may be but I answered it anyway.  It just happened to be an agent from one of the top modeling agencies in NYC!!  I had submitted some polaroids to a few of the agencies in the city the Thursday before I moved and had already gotten a call from one of them!  They talked to me for a little bit and said that they would like to set up a meeting with me the next day or if possible later that day!  I told them I could come in that day and it was set, I was already meeting with a modeling agency on my first day in NY.  After my roommate and I ran some errands we parted ways as she went to her job at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I headed to my meeting.  As I arrived at the location of the agency I was extremely nervous but told myself to just act normal and I'd be fine.  I walked into the lobby and checked the floor list to see that they were located on the top level, the penthouse!!  I took the elevator up to the penthouse and walked into the offices.  The office was really cool, all the walls were white with framed magazine covers with models they had or currently represented lining them!  There was a neat netting structure behind the front desk with the word "CLICK" in huge pink letters hanging.  I was told to sit and wait for the lady I was going to meet with.  I waited for a little bit and then was called over to meet with the Director.  We talked for a little while about myself, where I was from, what I did in school and so on.  She was extremely nice and it was actually a very casual conversation!  After we talked she got her camera and we went into an office where she took some digital photos of me against a white wall.  After that I waited for a little while more and then was asked to fill out an info sheet with all my measurements and info.  We then talked a bit more and she told me "You are very cute, the camera likes you and we would love to sign you!  But you need to go tanning because you are very pale".  This was the last thing I was expecting to hear, that they wanted to sign me and that I needed to go tanning.  I literally think I just sat there for about 5 minutes listening to her directions and saying "ok" over and over again because I couldn't think of anything else to say!  She then gave me a contract to look over and told me to come back when I was ready to sign!  By far one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me in my entire life, and an especially amazing start to my new life in NYC!

After that I went and had dinner with my roommate and her friends and went to the Hanson concert where we had VIP passes and went backstage afterwards.  It was an incredible day!

Day 3.  Much less exciting than day 2 but still a great day!  Today started off a little chilly and rainy but still wonderful!  I woke up early to go run and workout so that I can get into the best shape possible for modeling.  I ran over to the park and ran around the lake, although it was rainy and a little cold, it was a great run and I enjoyed every second of it!  As big as the park is and all of the small trails that split off from the road that runs through I don't think i'll ever get tired of running there.  After my run and workout my roommate and I ran some more errands and then I worked on my job search for a little while before I met up with a fellow TU Musical Theatre graduate for dinner!  I met my friend at Penn Station in Manhattan and we ventured up and almost to the top of Macy's to a little sandwich and salad restaurant.  Dinner was delicious and we talked for hours about random theatre stuff and how our lives were going!  It was wonderful to catch up with her, she is doing very well in the city and I'm pretty sure we will be hanging out quite a bit in the near future.  That was the end of my day.

Overall, the past 2 days and a half have been pretty amazing, some very exciting things are on the horizon and I am thrilled to see where they will take me!  Hopefully they are for the best, for now it's just about working hard and being persistent!!

That's all for now, Peace!

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